Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Ideas and Things

Just some new links to places I've looked at in West Alabama and East Mississippi, and some ideas that I have ran across. I will post some pics of things I've bought soon!

-->Our venue was going to be the chapel at Tannehill State Park. The link to their website is The direct link to the chapel is

-->Our wedding song is "My Love is Deeper" by Randy Travis. We are also playing "Huckleberry" by Toby Keith. For the wedding march I have opted for an alternative of having a friend and his daughter play the guitar and fiddle. The two of them are members of the Pickens Bluegrass Band. They are a local band that always play at any community function, and they are WONDERFUL!

--> Shadow Lawn - An Antebellum Bed and Breakfast located in Columbus, Mississippi. The rates I have are $600 for the outside or inside and $800 for both. They do not allow outside food and insist that they do their own catering. Their web address is

--> Huckleberry Farms - a horse farm located in Jasper, Alabama. It is home to a beautiful bunch of horses and a lovely barn. They are incredibly nice people but unfortunately I can't afford their prices.... The venue rental included all tables, chairs and linens and was $3,000. The food was at least $21 per person. They do all of the flowers to and I was quoted $800 for only white and yellow daisies. Their web address is

--> I have also fallen in love with this website. It's called Daisy Days and they specialize in wedding accessories. Including everything from cake toppers to wedding favors. I thought their prices were reasonable and pretty fair. I am actually getting my cake topper there! The website is

These cute place card holders are available at their website. You can sort the items by theme, and these are found under the "Butterfly" theme. But, dont limit your self to one theme. Try going to "Ceremony" or "Reception" and choosing an option like "Place card holders" or "Cake Toppers."

This is the Cake Topper that I am in love with. You can customize it with your initial and wedding date! If you are interested in it you can find it at this link

*One of the ideas that I had for the Ceremony was to paint cute signs to direct people to the chapel that we are planning on using at Tannehill State Park, located just outside of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL. I am going to do two of them. One will say "We're going to the chapel..." and the next will be placed at the entrance to the chapel saying "...and we're gonna get married!"

I hope you enjoy these sites and ideas as much as i do! Good Luck and Congratulations on your engagement!